"Hope for the Heart"

Dr. Cherryl Ann Clark | "Hope for the Heart" Book

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Out of tragedy came a blessing. 

One day. One moment. Changed everything.

 Imagine waking up and everything you knew was suddenly unrecognizable. No memory of your friends, family or even your children remain. This is the story of one brave woman beginning her new life after a traumatic brain injury. Join Cherryl on this journey of discovering faith, love, adversity, and victory through the unforeseen events of life as you open her book, "Hope for the Heart".






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Seeds of Growth for Women

A Personal Development Program Book Series to educate women on topics like financial peace, health and wellness and spiritual growth.

This series has been created by Dr. Cherryl Clark based upon her own personal experience when her and her children found themselves in a devasting moment after a major disaster. Dr. Clark helps women to prepare for life and have important items in place to protect themselves.


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