Reviews for Cherryl Clark Ministries


“Hi Cherryl, I met you recently when I came in for a doctor’s appointment and you briefly told me your story. At that time, I purchased both your book and The Essence of Praise CD.   I just finished your book tonight.  Your struggle was so massive, and you have come so far! …and … Your CD blew me away!   I cleaned my humble little home all Saturday morning …. And just played your music over and over!     So, so, so, uplifting!    As mentioned in your book, you definitely have PIPES!! Both your book and CD touched my heart!! God Bless You!” - Joan  

“What an inspirational book! Cherryl is very transparent with what happened to her and the struggles, realities, and faith that it took to recover from such a traumatic experience. Not only once, but twice! It is apparent that the Lord gave her the strength and determination that it would take to be an overcomer of such injuries and move forward as a soldier for the Lord. And most amazing was the newfound talents that she never had before the accident!”  - Debra Lee, Author, and Inspirational Speaker


“I have known Cherryl Clark, Founder of Proud Godly Women Conference and Cherryl Clark Ministries for several years and highly recommend her ministry to women. Cherryl has been fulltime ministry since 1997 and is a woman sold out to God.

Cherryl has a heart for the lost and has seen hundreds of lives saved since she went into ministry. God has given her anointed songs to minister to believers as well as sinners, and healings, deliverances, and miracles follow her ministry. Cherryl has ministered across several states and is an inspiration to all that she encounters.”  - DawnRay Ministries


“My family and I have known Cherryl for over fifteen years. We have served in the same congregation with Cherryl and admire her work ethic and commitment to the church and the pastor. Cherryl is gifted in her area of expertise, which is her ministry of singing, teaching, and helping others.”  - Bobby


“Cherryl Clark one woman of God. We were glad to have her as part of our women’s luncheon. She touched us in so many ways with her praise and worship and her great testimony!”  - Ethel, Mt. Zion Women’s Luncheon


“Cherryl has been a great blessing through her music, ministry. She is a woman moved with compassion and yielded to the Spirit. I believe she will be a blessing to you.”  - Crystal


“Hello Cherryl, we are home and yes, the conference was a blessing, and it was an honor to serve and be a part. Thank you!!!! I love you very much!” – Charity


“Good evening Mrs. Cheryl, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it all! It truly blessed me as well! God bless you & I love you too!” - Greta


“Ohhhh!! Thank You!! Thank You!! My Beautiful Oldest Daughter!! I Love these pics and I’m Very Proud to have been a Part of your conference! It was a Happy, Spirit-Led, Uplifting Time!!!!”   – Mildred


“Congrats on your work anniversary! I also want to say I love your CD. It is so inspirational, and I break out in prayer thanksgiving, praise, and worship every time I play it.   I would love to leave a review on your website. Continued blessings to you, my sister.” – Sharon  


“Thank you, Cherryl, for sending me your wonderful book, Hope for the Heart.  It was written so well, carried me on your journey from "bad things happening to good people" to healing, transformation, and revelation.  It's so good to hear the way in which you survived then thrived with the Word of God to hold on to.  I loved it.  It's a beautiful testimony, one that will inspire us as we hold it in our hands and remember it in our hearts.  God Bless you, Sis, Cherryl.” – Kathleen


 “Cherryl your story is very Heartfelt and sooo Encouraging for Everyone!” -  Lillie

“This is a “must read” Dynamic and Powerful book! If you ever believed in Miracles, this will strengthen your faith in God. Thank You sis Cherryl! Thank God for using you to bless so many others. - Darlana


“There are no words to describe what happened tonight. Minister Cherryl Clark shared her life story all for God, our Father’s glory, so that we may have hope for the heart.” ~ Jennifer, WOL Bloom Women’s Group