Proud Godly Woman Conference

Proud Godly Woman is a conference designed to bring women of God together and to lift them up in the Spirit.







The Proud Godly Woman Conference Celebrated TEN YEARS!

A special thank you to David and Tamela Mann for their endorsement of Dr. Cherryl Ann Clark and the Proud Godly Woman Conference as it celebrated 10 glorious years! 

Watch their YouTube endorsement here!



"I’ve been blessed to attend two Proud Godly Woman conferences. Each time I’ve been encouraged, strengthened and surrounded by women of God who are intentional about building each other up and mentoring the generations. I can’t wait to see how the conference continues to expand and bring women together under the love of God."

"The Conference was Awesome. I really enjoyed it!"

"PGW has been an uplifting and inspirational conference that has always met my spiritual needs."

"I look forward to the fellowship and the unity. God is good!"

"I go excited to the conference each year. I know God will meet me there!"


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