Proud Godly Woman Conference

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The PGW Conference is an interdenominational, non-denominational, cross generational event for women and girls 13 years old and up. The conference offers Speakers, Vendors, Musical Guest, Spiritual and Practical information and education. Women have come from Wichita, and surrounding communities in Kansas, as well as Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas City, MO, and New York City.
This is a great community event that is gaining national attention!





Developing future leaders through the Proud Godly Woman Conference involves nurturing spiritual growth providing mentorship, teaching essential leadership skills, fostering a deep understanding of biblical principles, and instilling a sense of pride in their faith and God-given talents. This Conference serves as a platform for empowerment, equipping attendees with the tools and confidence to lead with integrity, humility, and a strong commitment to serving others.







The Proud Godly Woman Conference Celebrated TEN YEARS!

A special thank you to David and Tamela Mann for their endorsement of Dr. Cherryl Ann Clark and the Proud Godly Woman Conference as it celebrated 10 glorious years! 

Watch their YouTube endorsement here!



"I’ve been blessed to attend two Proud Godly Woman conferences. Each time I’ve been encouraged, strengthened and surrounded by women of God who are intentional about building each other up and mentoring the generations. I can’t wait to see how the conference continues to expand and bring women together under the love of God." -Selena


"The Conference was Awesome. I really enjoyed it!" -Tonya


"PGW has been an uplifting and inspirational conference that has always met my spiritual needs." -Pat


"I look forward to the fellowship and the unity. God is good!" -Arenetta


"I go excited to the conference each year. I know God will meet me there!" -Denise


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